Expert administration of Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot
and HubSpot for only $80 / hr

We are a one-stop marketing automation managed
services company, providing expert execution for only
$80/ hr, with no monthly minimums and no mandatory

We offer:
- Integration and set up of M.A. instance
- Set up marketing funnels, segment data, create lead scoring,
  set up analytic reports

- Design and encoding of responsive emails and landing pages,
  and templates

- Offering services for Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot
- Only pay for the time you need us for - no minimums

  • You're in a bind
    with your digital
    marketing campaigns


    Marketing automation requires a great deal of time and effort to learn, and even more skill and training to execute the email marketing campaigns, create the landing pages, segment the data, and more.

  • How Marketing
    Automation Canada
    can help


    Marketing Automation Canada. We hit the ground running, assisting you in every step of the marketing automation process. We pride ourselves on being responsive, quick, detail-oriented and consistent. We work hard to ensure that you reach the right leads at the right time.

    Don’t spend six months on training a new employee, only to have them leave. Rather, hire a professional team to take on all of your marketing automation needs.

  • Step 1
    Integration and set up

    We are Marketo experts, Eloqua experts, Pardot experts, and HubSpot experts, and can integrate them into your CRM. We can prepare the data and templates for your instance, so you're ready from the very beginning.

  • Step 2
    Nurture Programs

    We can design, write copy, code and execute email nurture sequences and landing pages for your company. Our in-house staff has a great deal of experience creating nurture sequences for many companies across a variety of industries.

  • Step 3

    We analyze the results, and make continuous adjustments to your campaigns, optimizing their performance.


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